The project just got approved! Will have more info for you later. If you are interested
in helping develop first go to the cmMcast sourceforge site which is here
I am currently looking for someone knowledgeable in php and MySql to help with
the web front-end. Some of my plans for cmMcast include a gtk front-end to manage
cmMcast without the web, a cursed frontend for those without links, lynx, or
any form of web browser, and a hacked version of iceCast that will allow streaming of user playlists. That will be a tough one! If you are interested then email me,
skoobysnacks, at skoobysnacks !@#AT@@# users !@#dot!$% sourceforge $*$$dot^&%^ net.

Anyone else: This page is currently under construction as the project was just approved today at about 900
If you are interested in cmMcast email the above address and I can fill you in on what it
is, what makes it different from other web portal/content management systems, and what it does.